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The latest technology in telephone services!

Interfast provides flexible, reliable and affordable IP telephone lines, using the Internet as your gateway to transmit phone calls. A new era in telephone service technology!

Easy to use

InterFast IP telephone lines are very easy to use. Just connect your computer to the Internet and you are ready to make calls.

High value

InterFast IP telephony services help you save money by making or receiving IP calls! With your local number in the United States, you can make unlimited calls in up to 40 different countries including China, Colombia, USA or Venezuela.

More flexibility

InterFast IP Telephony services give you greater flexibility. You can take your equipment anywhere (with an internet connection), even abroad and make calls as if you were in the United States, without international call charges!


Interfast phone services offer better and more accessible alternatives in fixed telephone lines.

  • Easy to install, just plug it in
  • Flexibility, call from anywhere
  • Residential and Business Services
  • Big savings in local, national and international calls
  • Allows the use of IP Phones or ATA Equipment
  • Use Numerical Portability Telephony Plans with calls
  • National and International unlimited


With InterFast telephone services you can answer your intercom or regular calls anywhere you are, diverting them to the phone of your choice.

It allows the integration of branches and remote offices, simplifying and unifying communications thanks to the technology provided by InterFast USA.


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