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  • Faster to upload and download files.
  • Better quality Internet.
  • More devices connected at the same time with the same quality.
  • We wire your building totally free.
  • We do not use electricity.
  • We offer group rates

With faster internet everything is easier

  • Download 50 songs (200 MB)
    in 16 seconds*
  • Upload 100 documents (200 MB)
    in 16 seconds*
  • Download a movie HD (5 GB)
    in 7 minutes 09 seconds*
  • Upload 1,250 photos (5 GB)
    in 7 minutes and 09 seconds*

*Measurements made with a stable 100Mbps symmetric connection in ideal conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Subject to the coverage area. Prices do not include tax or installation fee. The terms and conditions of the application and service contract of InterFast USA Inc. apply. Any bonus or discount will be applied to your account and will be subject to the permanence of the service contract. Call to see details.