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The new age of the internet came to the United States! GIGAFAST 1000Mbps. We offer you great internet speeds thanks to our efficient and reliable GPON technology, available only in the most modern cities and now in the United States.

We are pioneers in taking the fastest network directly to your home, because we want to be always at your speed.


The data passes through a stream of light that transmits more data in less time.


It is a passive network, it works without electricity. It remains active even if the electric service fails.


It is the technology that drives broadband in USA and Europe . Being made of glass does not receive interference from other signals.


Because you deserve more options, Interfast will offer you a 4K Content Platform, where you can enjoy to-go content from any device.

Also, thanks to GIGAFAST you can enjoy without interruption your favorite VOD platforms such as Netflix®, Roku®, ChromeCast®, Hulu®, etc.


Interfast gives you the best video quality your TV can handle: HD, Full HD, 4K.

To see 4K content you will need a compatible TV.


Connect your devices such as Apple TV®, Chromecast®, etc., and enjoy applications such as Netflix®, Crackle®, etc. with impeccable quality thanks to GIGAFAST.

Interfast.TV to Go

Download the application on Interfast.tv on any device and enjoy your favorite content without interference and with the best resolution 4k.


Voice over IP

It is a technology that integrates voice and data communications, using GIGAFAST, so not only save on your calls from the first day but you will have an impeccable quality.


Advanced technology in the market. With SIP telephone lines that offer better benefits such as integration with any device, lower costs, greater flexibility than analog lines and E1.


Simplify and unify your communications with the Interfast App. If you ring the bell at home, they call you on the intercom, or they call you on your landline, you can receive them on your cell phone or mobile device through this APP.

InterFast PBX

Answer your intercom calls or your landline phone wherever you are, by diverting them to the phone of your choice. Simplifies and unifies communications thanks to the technology provided by InterFast USA

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